A2 Consultancy – helping you to outsource success

A2 Consultancy is an independent company with in-depth specialist skills in outsourcing.

We help our clients, both customers and providers of outsourced services, obtain optimum value from their outsourcing deals – from ensuring strategic fit to checking performance and costs.

Outsourcing success

Outsourcing business processes can reduce costs, improve efficiency, allow you to focus on core competences and, in the public sector, enable private investment.

  • But how often do outsourcing deals deliver the planned benefits?
  • Are your outsourced activities performing effectively and meeting today’s business needs?
  • Are you being charged the correct costs for the service?
  • Is it still appropriate to outsource the service?
  • Is your service provider’s performance reporting reliable?
  • Are you receiving your full share of profits or cost savings?

A2 will work with you at all stages and provide fully independent, objective advice – Our expertise can help you achieve outsourcing success.